3D Pop Up Love under the bridge Card

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 3D Pop Up Love under the Bridge  Card.

This is probably the most exquisite Valentine's day card you must have seen till now.  Surprise your partner on valentines day or any day as a token of your appreciation and love.

The 15 x 15 cms 3D model is not just a single couple standing but a complete scene that we usually see in movies. The amount of efforts put into making this happen is staggering but the way it looks makes it all worthwhile. The small details in each element of the card is praiseworthy.

-Usage of the colors red, golden and cream make the card look lovable and romantic

-The amount of background elements in the card is noticeable and all of them are made in a beautiful way



High Quality laser Art Paper. 

Blank card, personalise with your own words.


Measurements: Size: 15 x 15 cm